06 December 2007

Let It Snow!

Hey, how awesome--SNOW!!! We hardly ever get the white stuff this early, but we got a nice surprise today. And this was Tuchuck's first snow (unless, of course, he came down from like Everest or the Arctic Circle--who knows where the kid's from or where he's been). Regardless, we love winter play. More please!

And more updates: Zion continues do well and has been pain free for two weeks now. We hear he loves the snow, too! Rock on, buddy! And NoName from the SPCA got adopted! His adopter was a GSD handler in Iraq, so we think he went to good home. We hope he got a good name, too. :)


wally said...

Yay snow! I love it so much I woke the ma ape up at 2 a.m. to go outside in it again! The ape said I'd better look out or she'll put the conehead on me. Harumph.

Does Tuchuck like the snow? It does make the poop easier to see and eat, eh?

Hey that's good news for your whitey friends! It's nice when things work out for the best. (And you guys don't have to have a new bunkmate to share with)


Katherine and Pippa, said...

Good news on no-name. Hope everything works out ok. And paws still crossed for Zion too.

Bit of a white post really - snow and two white dogs...ok, feeble humour over.

It is sunny here, apparently 16 according to internet weather. I am off to buy a barometer/thermometer for partner's Christmas present. A proper one not one of those electrical digital thingies.

Kate and Pippa (partly white/cream)

pj said...

you should come play with us, we have lots more snow than that here in Scranton! you might even find a bunny or two...

Buko (in spirit), Jackson, and Narra said...

Hey, guys--
Yes, lots of white (though not enough)... and all gone now. Sad, really. We like the white stuff!
Maybe we will need a new white, bunkmate, Wally. We might miss the white stuff in Gibraltar, huh, Kate and Pippa? (Except for the dog kind!) BTW, do you need a thermometer there? We thought the weather was always warm and beautiful?! :) And, P, we love Scranton! But not as much as Clarks Summit... :) We'll come play! Gonna dig the pit to roast the pig?!


wally said...

Narra, babe, I heard you got RIBBONS! I always knew you were the most awesome! Better than that scruffy brother of yours. My sissy keeps talking about him now that she's all better "Upchuck can run faster than you. Upchuck is taller than you. Upchuck is a younger man" Blah blah blah. Whatever.


ps. I miss the snow, too, though the rain reminds me of Seattle winter.