18 December 2007

Too many goodbyes

We've been saddened by an extraordinary number of goodbyes this fall. Not just our Buko, but other friends and friends of friends. We thought we'd take a moment to share a sigh then a smile...

LEWIS, we just heard... Glad to have met you--you were almost our wise older brother.

THRAWN--we didn't know you until it was too late, but you touched so many.

DAVE and ANNIE, our Border Collie herding idols, wishing you the sheep of your dreams--thanks for sharing your flock.

and "Uncle" MAC--the DOGNY model!--you were special for many more reasons than just being Narra's uncle.


wally said...

Goodbye old friends! We think about Buko all the time and even sing the lime in the coconut song for him from time to time.

And to new beginnings--for Upchuck, for Georgie Girl, Bear (Thrawn's brother), Stella of Gooberstan, Joey of Sukistan, for Tommy Boy (hey, my ma ape can dream)...


Buko (in spirit), Jackson, and Narra said...

Thanks, Wally. You know, we never did understand that lime in the coconut thing. :) We think it's a funny song, though--Buko would approve.

Buko would also approve of possibilities, like Tommy Boy! :)


Katherine and Pippa, said...

What is Wally talking about?

Lime in the coconut????

Anyway, we too get very saddened, so mistress won't let me blog. :(

We only knew about Thrawn, and that was bad enough. I am NOT going to let mistress discover the others. (We are still so sad about Buko too) It takes a long time.

Have good holidays.

Pippa, Kate, Adrian

Buko (in spirit), Jackson, and Narra said...

Hi, Pippa! Wally's talking about a song by Harry Nilsson that we kinda adopted as Buko's theme song ("buko" means "young coconut"). Our human actually used in a little video of Buko. [For some reason our html tag is not allowed, but if you go to the YouTube page of "rjm40," you'll see all our videos. The "Lime in the Coconut" one is called "More Buko."]

Anyway, yes, it sure does take a long time. And we hate hearing bad news. It's always nice to hear some good stuff. Thanks for thinking of us.

Happy Holidays to you and your humans, too!