29 March 2010

Here comes the sun

Anybody still visiting our blog?? If you are, THANKS!!! Yet again, we can place the blame solely on our human. Granted, he has actually been busy, but c'mon, is he our boy or not?! We've been kinda busy, too. Narra and Tuchuck are fully immersed in agility training again, and Theo just graduated from his beginning obedience class. And now he's going to start agility, too! Some of you know that we also have a dirty, little secret named Duncan who's been taking up space in the house (and bed and lap...).

Anyway, we find time to have fun, too. Narra got some quality one-on-one time with the human in celebration of spring's arrival--and snow's departure. We all need a little more quality time, not just training, okay? And some extended warm, sunny, DRY weather would be welcome, too!



You are alive you are alive! Narra my human is not thrilled that I'm wearing my mud boots this spring. Hey at least all that rain just washings me clean!


Peppy Sheppys said...

WTF happened to the weather? Our yard is one AWESOME big mud pit if Tuchuck wants to come over I'm sure we could get him sheppy-colored in no time.

Sheps w/Pep.

Sam said...

We kept checking in! We know how it goes - Sam is lucky he has two peeps working on his blog!