31 December 2006

Doing what comes naturally

Why does Narra get to do all the fun stuff? Like chase sheep! Buko and Jacks watched from the van... Not fair. We packed up the van and went up to Raspberry Ridge Sheep Farm in Bangor, PA to try herding with shepherd Carolyn Wilki. The first step was a herding instinct test that Narra passed with flying colors! Carolyn's written assessment of Narra commented on her beautiful tending trot, ability to read sheep, and her attentiveness to her human. Narra and human then did a seminar with Carolyn where they spent a day learning some formal herding stuff. Again, Narra did great. In fact, she impressed everyone when she could be called off the sheep so reliably and consistently. We were told that's unusual for a fist-time herder! Of course, one other dog was able to do the same thing--another GSD bitch, of course! :) What now? Bangor is a little far from home, but we like Carolyn and her farm, so, hopefully, more lessons are in store.

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