31 December 2006

Catching up

We've let an embarrassing amount of time pass since we last blogged, but, then again, not that much has happened in the last several months. Actually, that's not really true, but we don't think anyone would be interested in the minutiae of post-sabbatical blues. As it's New Year's Eve, though, we're feeling sentimental and wanting to look back--it hasn't been all that bad. The human's coming around (we think), though he still complains about his job a lot. We're actually hoping the new year brings him something special: he is quite smitten with someone at the moment, and it's been years since that's happened (way long before any of us)! Also, we're kinda sad for him that he's alone tonight. We love him and all, but he needs another human, too. (He probably won't like us writing that... did not mean it to sound like Sleepless in Seattle) Anyway, the next few little posts summarize some of our fall highlights... We'll try to be better in 2007!

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