04 January 2007

Human pain

Here we are, back so soon! We promised to do better in 2007, and we're good to our word. Actually, this auspicious start to a blogging new year is tainted by the sadness of our human. We haven't seen him like this before. We'll call it unrequited love--not to be melodramatic or anything, because it certainly wasn't love (we don't think)--and now he's struggling with feelings he hasn't experienced in a long, long time. Well, our hopes for him in the coming year aren't completely dashed; we do hope he'll get back on that horse, so to speak. We just wish it didn't hurt so much.

And just so this entry isn't too sappy (and in case our human checks in here), take a look at this site: Unrequited Love: Agony and Rapture. You humans do entertain! Incidentally, this site has a page for you "adored ones," that is, you sad humans who don't know a good butt sniff when it's waved in your face.

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