21 January 2007

Better Late than Never

(Somehow we just know this title is going to get used again--we didn't use it already, did we?)

We made it! The ride was actually pretty nice: weather wasn't too bad, and the scenery was great. Not bad for January! A little blustery today, but we managed. Yes, these Blue Ridge Mountains are beautiful--and actually blue! At least at dusk. Which tends to be the most beautiful time of day here, at least the human thinks so. He's been making sure to get out of the studio for us to walk just as the sun's going down. Spectacular (the views, not the human)! Even though there is no sign of the snow the website claimed was here.

Speaking of the studio, it looks pretty nice, too. At least in pictures. Dogs are not allowed in any of the studios, so we only get to see it in pictures. He put these together for us: the left side is the studio interior, and on the right is the view from the studio. How does he get any work done looking out onto that? Well, not like we got anything special going on, just hangin', listening to our ipod, waiting to go on walks...
While we do like it here, we're feeling a bit travel weary, even though it's been a while since we've been on the road. We suspect our human's reasons for taking to the road are not what they appear. At the risk of intruding on his emotional life once again, we think he needs to deal with where he is--wherever that might be. Yes, we are very precocious, not to mention prescient (perhaps). What would he do without us? If only he'd listen... ;)

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