17 January 2007

Are we there yet?

So, we're told we're going on a roadtrip. And we've watched our human go through all the pre-drive rituals... so how come we haven't left yet??? As far as we can tell, the food's on board and bags are packed--what're we waiting for? The human seems to be practicing something called "procrastination." Apparently, he's quite good at it. We don't find it a talent worth cultivating, however.

Whenever we get going, we're supposed to end up in the Blue Ridge Mountains of North Carolina. Human is looking forward to some concentrated, solitary studio time, and we're looking forward to new trails--and SNOW! Yes, it just snowed where we're heading. We've never been to Penland before, but the "photo of the 'week'" (which we would've missed had we left on time!) is very appealing. Tsamba visited there, and he loved it. The human thinks it's pretty great, too. We say, let's get the flock outta here!

After Penland, we're off to Asheville for an agility trial! Go, Narra!

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