27 January 2007

Chill, dog

Perhaps it was the size of the venue or the colosseum-style setting, but the human had quite the meltdown this morning. After a flawed jumpers run (yes, we can admit that), he packed up our stuff from the trial in a sulking snit and said we were heading home. His thoughts went something like "we suck, we quit, we're going home." Speak for yourself. At least he knew better than to take it out on us.

So we're not having a spectacular agility trial, let's just say Team Narra has been the entertainment... And it is all about having fun, isn't it? The only thing radical about our performance is leaving less bars up than we take down. That is, we're redefining the norm! Luckily, the human calmed down, and we're back in the game--win or lose, Narra always has a great time.

BTW, there's an awesome t-shirt that says "Great Dog! Too bad about the handler." We're not saying, we're just saying...


Carly said...

Thanks for writing this.

Jacks, Narra, Tuchuck, and Rousseau said...

And thanks for reading! :)