31 December 2006

Far Above Cayuga's Waters

With sabbatical over, the human has been pretty insufferable; in fact, we hear a lot of people refer to him as being unusually bitchy. While we don't normally subscribe to the use of the word "bitch" as negative, we understand what they're saying. Even as months have passed, his moodiness continues (beyond normal, that is). Thankfully, he has taken time for some little roadtrips. Usually, we go somewhere where Narra is entered in an agility trial. Back at the end of September, we ventured back up to the Finger Lakes for a weekend of dog shows known as the Wine Country Cluster. Pretty nice. It was up in Romulus, NY at Sampson State Park. Ironically, Buko ended up doing obedience, and Narra sat out the agility trial. Bad weather made for horrible agility courses: way too muddy for delicate competitors such as ourselves. The obedience ring, on the other hand, was just wet grass, so Buko gave it a go. Valorous attempt, but he's feeling too old for this stuff. He didn't really want to do the retrieve over the high jump, but he did try his best. He's what you call "retired" now--apparently, our human would like to be retired, too.

After the trials, we went to Ithaca, a place that is super sentimental to our person. We walked around the Arts quad and looked out over West Campus from the top of Libe slope. We even got to watch the sun set on Cayuga lake. School was still in session, so students stopped to visit with us. They say we're beautiful. :) Although one girl did tell Jackson he stinks. Ha, stinky is as stinky does. Another girl laughed at us while we took this picture. Ah, those were the days--at least, that's what we're told.

BTW, in October, Narra and Buko competed in rally obedience at the advanced level for the first time. Rally's not as demanding as conventional obedience, and jumps are only 16" so Buko's happy with this event. Also, humans actually get to talk to us, like in agility, so it's much more fun all the way around. Oh, almost forgot to mention, both Narra and Buko earned qualifying scores! That means they each have one leg toward their Advanced Rally titles (RA). Better yet, Buko got a third place! Yes, he beat Narra even. Well, long story short: Narra went first, and her human made all kinds of mistakes which he was then able to correct when it was Buko's turn.

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