27 November 2010

Call me Q... DOUBLE Q!

No, Tuchuck's not "Q" because of a long unspoken affection for Captain Jean Luc Picard... (Haha, kidding! We're not really that geeky--okay, maybe a little geeky) Nor for scientific brilliance in inventing spy paraphernalia! Neither are we the politicized offspring of the Stonewall riots (okay, maybe somewhat).

Dog sports-ters know that "Q" stands for a qualifying score--three of which add up to a title in various AKC (and other) performance events. (Okay, as much as we don't really believe in external validation of this sort, it does feel kinda good!) In agility, the hallowed Double Q is traditionally achieved when a team qualifies in the events of standard agility and agility jumpers with weaves in the same day. And, now, we're very excited to report that brother Tuchuck double Q'd today!!! Our first EVAH! WOOHOO!!! Even sistah Narra with all her agility experience has never accomplished a double Q! And Tuchuck did it with one first place and one second place!

Not to be outdone, however, Narra earned a blue ribbon of her own! She Q'd in jumpers--which has been her nemesis from day 1. We're getting there! Go, sistah, go, sistah! Guess the human's not such a detriment after all. :)

1 comment:

tula said...

IT'S Q DAY! Hey tuchuck two wags and a double Quartah poundah fur ya. IMPRESSIVE.. not to show up your soul sistah- go sistah, Narra! paw powah to my sistah!

Happy Thanksgiving--
even if woo were rooting fur the Lions to win..huh? what?!