27 November 2010

Dr. Tuchuck, I presume?

You can call him Doctor Supah Stahr!! Oh, yeah, brother Tuchuck rocked the agility trial again--he is now a man of letters! They may not be "PhD," but his letters actually mean he can do something (heehee)! To recap: he qualified in all four of his runs this weekend, with two first places, a second, and a third. And, more important, he earned his Novice Agility (standard) title in three consecutive outings. Paging Dr. Tuchuck... we're swooning! Way to go, brah!

As for Narra, that elusive jumpers title remains just out of reach. She was so close today--just one knocked bar away! Oh, well, she still has her blue ribbon from yesterday and is now one step closer. Maybe it'll happen next weekend!


Peppy Sheppys said...

That's a lot of hardware, dudes. We find it is best to not raise expectations too high so we are not expected to do much beyond mastering the snuggle ball. Which we rock. But good job guys. You dominated like the Badgahs!

Sheps w/Pep, Otis & Edgrr

ps. Tell your ape to come over and dote on us again.

Sophie Brador said...

I am so super proud to say that I know both of you -- in dogson. If Tuchuck ever wins a medal for swimming, I want to be in the thankyous!

You are both awesome beasts!


Pippa said...

Wow!! What can I bark? Except that Narra is perfect anyway without winning any ribbons. And Tuchuck is um, unbelievable!!

Penny and Patches said...

Way to go, Tuchuck! Cookie face RULES! And Narra, we have confidence in you too!

And Merry Christmas (or whatever you celebrate) in case we don't make it back here for awhile. You know...the busy mom-thing and all that!

Penny & Patches

emily said...

tuchuck? i love him! is he a border collie? are these all of YOUR dogs? i must read more! i'm in love with these dogs!

Anonymous said...

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