14 November 2010

Following friends

As our friends know, our motley crew here has traveled many different paths. At one point or another, however, for many us, our paths led us through the Delaware SPCA. Brother Buko was our first illustrious alumnus from this shelter, and we continue to share our home with brothers and sisters in need from there.

Now we can follow all the comings and goings on the Delaware SPCA's new blog! Check it out, and see all the awesome animals waiting to go home. (We should mention that our best buds over at Wally's blog are helping to get the word out on the shelter's blog as well. Way to go, guys!!)

Here's Clarabelle from the current post--she's a super sweetie!



That's cool.. I'll check out the blog. Umm Clarabelle has a cookie body! I bet she taste good

Penny and Patches said...

We need way more peeps and pups like you! All your foster doggies get to know what love feels like even before they get to their furever homes! Keep up the great work!

Penny & Patches

P.S. Hey, Nordude, you kind of have a cookie body AND a cookie face! Just sayin'!

Peppy Sheppys said...

All the best dogs come from the DSPCA! (Or Maryland--Ethel.) Could you make sure, however, that our ape does not bring home any more?