13 July 2009

The Best of Summer in the Champlain Valley!

Some times when you look forward to a trip, you're disappointed because it can't possibly meet your expectations. Other times, a trip completely surprises you: even though it doesn't meet your expectations, it becomes a whole new pleasure you never even considered. Our trip to Burlington, Vermont this past weekend was like that. We connected with new friends and longtime friends alike and rediscovered our love of the journey. Or maybe we were just giddy over Lake Champlain's 400th anniversary (even though we missed the parade). :)

The only thing that could've made the trip any better was if the whole gang was together. We wished everyone coulda enjoyed the great time we had.

One of the real highlights of the trip was hangin out with bloggin buddy Sophie and her mom--we had the BEST time at the dog park and swimmin in Lake Champlain! (She has more pics on her blog and even a video, too!)


wally said...

Did you guys catch that boat? Did you catch any fish? I wish I coulda been there with two of my favorite ladies.

wally t.

tula said...

Sophie what are ya doing with the ball? Don't send it to China--everyone wants to play with it especially Tuchuck! Your hooman sure knows how to take a vacation!

Going 2 wag ovah 2 Sophie's blog.


Sophie Brador said...

Thanks for a great day! We have to do this again, and maybe next time, Wally can come too.


Pippa said...

What brilliant photos, gah! my blog and the blog world has been abandoned too long. Y'all have been busy busy busy.