06 July 2009

To the road warriors go the spoils

Just when we thought we were doomed to be home all summer, the human loaded up the van and took us on the road for the weekend! Well, not all of us... only Narra and Tuchuck got to go. Turns out Narra had to compete in a rally trial up in NY, and Tuchuck was the moral support (haha!). Just as well: retired road warrior Jackson isn't up to too much adventure anymore, Angel is non-ambulatory, and socially challenged Rousseau and Tanner are better kept safely away from the public eye.

We should mention that, on our little roadtrip, the human had a burpday--he turned "old" on Friday. Narra decided to help him celebrate by winning two blue ribbons (never mind that she had no opponents!). Wroo Wroo! And she got gifts! (Thank you, German Shepherd Dog Club of Rochester!) Of course, she shared with Tuchuck (as if she had a choice). Can you see, the stuffie's outie is a mini tennis ball! Um, not that the rest of us got to see it; you know the ball didn't make it home in one piece.
The human did do a li'l sumpin fo himself: we spent the night in his nostalgic Ithaca, and he dined at an old fave. Plus, we gotta a give a major shoutout to the Grayhaven Motel. Not only are those folks dog friendly, they're dog welcoming. They have a play yard and everything, replete with agility equipment. Totally sweet digs. Now that's what we're talkin about.

We say "More!" the human says "Next week: Vermont..."


wally said...

Whoa. What a great playground. Dogs, no little apes! Looks like a great trip and we didn't know it was your ape's burpday or I would have shared my new monkey stick! Next time I'll give him a big wallysmooch. Or will at least give him the honor of feeding me snacks.

wally t.

Penny, Poppy & Patches said...

Woohoo...roadtrip! Congrats on the wins! Tell your human that we said "Happy Birthday". Now he can join our pawrents in the "old" department. They have been "old" for quite a few barkdays!

Poppy, Penny & Patches

Sophie Brador said...

I'm not going to the country until Sunday, so mom says I can go to Vermont. I hope I get to meet you!



Wowzer.. I love that sign. Dogs only no children! Finally! And congrats on the award winning weekend! Happy Birthday to Dad! Looks like the humans did some traveling with you.

tula said...

Happy birfday- on the late note! to your hooman. (you guys have been posting machines- so behind). great trip- big ribbons, stuffies to destuff, and the hotel is the da bomb!
any sausage eating involved??

toodles, tula