08 July 2009

(Not so) Far above Cayuga's Waters

What's not to like about Ithaca? In fact, there seems to be more and more to like all the time... like an awesome dog park! Yeah, the human got to eat some fine food first--mmm, fish fry at the Pines!--but then we got down to PAW-TY!!!
Ithaca's offleash park is right on Cayuga Lake, in Allan H. Treman State Marine Park. The dog park came about through the hard work of many people and continues to be maintained with the same dedication. It's even gone green! (Ithacans have always been good about mobilizing for an important cause!)

Better yet, fun dogs come here! Like our new friend Micah... We liked him right away because he reminds us of superbuds Ethel and Oscar. Micah even likes chasing tail, too! (Hey, did you guys do something you didn't tell us about???)

In addition to fun dogs, there's also fun MUD! Not to mention that Tuchuck can always find a football wherever he goes. A broken football is better than no football! And a muddy, broken football is just sick yo!

Good thing there are pools--and pools! When are we going back?!



An excellent dog park! Your right.. true dog parks are hard to find. How come no mud photos?


wally said...

Whooo! That's a nice park. Good lookin' batch of dogs, other than gangly black one.

wally t.

ps. We have two plastic pools like the one Tuchuck is in there if you'd like one! It may have had a stinky little puppy in it, though.

tula said...

tails up definitely means somethangs going on... hubba hubba. alot can happen in a park! no akitas huh?
must be in the socially challenged left behind group:)