15 July 2009

To the manor born

We completely forgot to brag!! Our primary purpose in going to Vermont was for Narra to compete in the Vermont Scenic Cluster dog shows, in Rally like last weekend. Unlike last weekend, however, she didn't bring home any blue ribbons. Lots of green, though (for qualifying scores), and, ironically, a personal best performance of 96/100--two days in a row! The 96 was worth a 4th place on Sunday. Tough competition, huh?

We celebrated after the show with our new friend Humphrey, a black Golden Doodle, who took us to a very special place. Humphrey has the privilege of romping around the grounds of a private section of Shelburne Farms. And by "private," we mean a very classy mansion with amazing grounds right on Lake Champlain. Ah, yes, we could live like that!



Mom keeps reading your blog posts at ssshhh.. work then forgets to let me comment when she gets home.

Vermont looks great. I like the stick hustling! Excellent form.


Sophie Brador said...

Wow! We know people who have taken their two legged kids to that farm to pet the animals, but we want the backstage tour. Esp the one involving the lake and the doodle!


Life With Dogs said...

I just found my way to this - I wish I had known, we could have met up for a dog swim!!