31 July 2009

"They say it's your birthday..."

"We're gonna have a good time!" In case you can't tell, we're havin a birthday party!!! "Birthday," "Gotcha Day," whatever you want to call it, the calendar says July 31 is the day we celebrate big bro Jackson! (We don't really know how this date was determined, but we don't really care.) While the human may have neglected previous celebrations, he came through on this one. Jackson got a "Happy Birthday" biscuit from our favorite Giggy Bites,and we all got an assortment of their best treats: veggie pizza, crunchy chicken, and wheat-free salmon. AND, to top it all off, marrow bones!!! Now that's a party! (BTW, Tuchuck and Angel partied, too, they just insisted on chowing down away from the camera--excuuuuuse us!)
Happy Day, Jacks!!! And Happy eYewatch Friday, everyone!



Happy yappy birthday to you!
I'm so close I can lick the crumbs off your lips.

Yummers. It's about time dad celebrates!

Pippa said...

Yay, and I'm only a day late with this, that's good going for me these days.

Hope you had a super day. Mistress says a special big birthday kiss as she has a name like that too.#


wally said...

HAPPY BIRTHDAY JACKSON! In all our mayhem and foolishness we missed it. There is only ONE solution to this problem. You and I will have to celebrate AGAIN. Maybe without the youngins with their racket and rough-housing.

You look super handsome in these photos.

wally t.

Lola Smiles said...

Sooo late here with the bday wishes! Mom's been slacking on the blog scene lately. She's been too wrapped in twitville! LOL

Best wishes Dude. Wally's right, you are pretty handsome!

Love ya
Lola Smiles