12 July 2007

Canine World Domination

Has it begun in the state of Washington? We sense a two-pronged strategy: "country" dogs have actively taken to the streets, parading themselves about in complete control of the lands they survey; "city" dogs have quietly yet efficiently shaped their humans behavior, bending human wills to lavish them with luxury items and gourmet food (as evidenced by the number of "specialty" dog shops in the Seattle area). All we can say is: Bruthas and Sistas got it goin' on! While we have also developed control over our human, we are impressed with the wide-scale mobilization in Washington state.

We certainly have noticed a lot of dogs around here. And the locals are pretty interesting. The dogs of La Push, for example, really are pushy compared to the Polebridge dogs. While the Polebridge dogs wait for food and attention (which eventually come), the dogs of La Push seek them out and demand them. These two dogs accosted Narra and the human as they walked on the beach. Initially, we thought they belonged to a family that was swimming. As it turns out, the dogs latch onto some unsuspecting tourist group, follow them around and look cute. Since our human came bearing a dog, however, they must've felt entitled to being a bit more demanding. The black female kept barking at him while the brindle male just followed along. Narra was perplexed by the behavior, but these dogs paid her no attention at all. The human didn't really know what the female wanted either, so he just kept walking. Eventually, she and her partner moved onto another group of people. Our human was reminded of gypsy kids in Rome: you often can't understand what they're saying, they just follow you around trying to get your attention--what you don't know is that while you're trying to figure out what's up, they're picking your pocket. These La Push dogs hadn't worked out that part yet--not that we know anyway.

BTW, we--the human, actually--ran into a great big, white dog in Neah Bay. It must've been like a Great Pyrenees/Malamute mix--it was gigantic! His name was Kenai (what else?). And he was wandering around while his people got ice cream. The woman said she keeps trying to catch him to cut off his matted hair, but he won't stop for her. Uh huh. He probably got some ice cream, too. :)

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wally said...

Of course canine world domination starts in Washington State. It was there that a clueless human first came upon what seemed to be hapless little dog who needed a home. Little did she know she was inviting the agent of the end of human domination into the human world, planting the seeds for dogs everywhere to rise up and demand their chicken backs, chuck-its and long walks. How could she know this little creature, so seemingly helpless little dude would become the world's greatest revolutionary, overthrowing the most destructive empire--the human one.

But first, a nap.