16 July 2007

Victory follows defeat

We were totally defeated by the heat. Our weather luck finally ran out as record heat caught up to us on the Olympic peninsula. We withered, we whined, we packed up camp and headed for the AC. The human was a bit pissy about it, but we rather enjoyed the return to creature comforts. So we were a bit early, we were scheduled to check in eventually.

AND THEN, Narra rocked the agility trial! (Okay, she rocked one run out of four...) The very last class of the last day, she earned her first "Q" (qualifying score) in over a year. Do you have any idea how elated the human was??! Not to mention that Narra also got second place. Although she and her human did make one mistake, their time still killed the winning time. C'est la vie.

Too bad the winning way begins as our roadtrip ends--though we still have one more agility trial in Colorado!

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