07 July 2007

Tell me about it, Spud

Although we were a little sad to leave Montana, going someplace new was exciting--even if it was Idaho. We arrived in Moscow just in time to beat thunderstorms, and the weather was generally good after that. It might have been the gloomy conditions under which we hit town, but Idaho didn't look terribly appealing at first glance. The weather, we're afraid, is probably what we enjoyed most about the state.

To be fair, we did have fun once we headed south to Hell's Canyon. The human had thought to stop there on our way back east (after Washington state), but we had an afternoon free after finishing early at the agility trial. The human describes the agility trial as a "disaster" (yet again), so he took the opportunity to take a long, scenic drive and let off some steam. We were all in a great mood after running around White Bird Battlefield, then descending the steep, beautiful forest road to Pittsburgh Landing on the Idaho side of Hell's Canyon. No off-leash shenanigans down there--the human is terrified of rattlesnakes! Luckily, all we encountered was a phenomenal sunset in the canyon.

Also, the human had a good time visiting family friends in Pullman (WA) over the weekend. (Wazzu, btw, is a really nice campus, much nicer than the University of Idaho which is rather ordinary.) It's always nice to reconnect, but we were made to wait in the van--no fair! While the human was treated to home cooking (twice!), we waited and waited... Not only that, he was given home-baked banana bread (and fresh Washington apples and cherries), none of which he shared. That's alright, we'll see how he feels about it all when we get home and he's fat and soft! :)


wally said...

Booooooo Waaazooooooo! YooDub forever! (UW's campus ROCKS, by the way).

Though I'd root for anyone who gave me banana bread. Except Colorado. We had buffaloes for breakfast yesterday. They're quite tasty.


Buko, Jackson, and Narra said...

For PAC-10, we gotta go with the Bruins, buddy. Sorry. And, actually, we gotta go with the buffs, too, because of family ties...