25 July 2007

Missin' Missoula?

As it turns out, the road that runs north of the Sawtooths runs straight into Missoula! Funny thing, huh? Also known as the Salmon River Scenic Byway (lots of "scenic byways" this trip--at least they've all lived up to the billing), this highway indeed follows the Salmon River north--and we followed it. The scenery was beautiful and the river cool on yet another 90+-degree day. We enjoyed the max AC in the van, then would stop and run around for a bit, take a dip in the river, then hit the road again. Not a bad way to manage the heat.

Anyway, back to Missoula... can we just ask why??? At first we thought the human was forcing us to accompany him on a questionable assegnation: we knew he'd been thinking about that homeless orphan Bacon. Luckily, that was not the case. Quite to the contrary, in fact: we scored organic Bitterroot ground beef! This meat is good stuff and many thanks to our human for thinking of stocking up. He also enjoyed re-visiting Stevensville and the Bitterroot Community Market where the beef can be bought. And we know he was tempted to use their free wifi, but he wouldn't let us fry in the van while he surfed the net. When we reached Missoula proper, the human did treat himself to a Thai dinner. That's okay, we'll give him that. After all, if there's ever a good reason to go some place, food is as good as it gets. :)

Update: Bacon was adopted, we found out. As was Maggie (happily living on a ranch in Kalispell) and Freya. Guess we're out of the woods!

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wally said...

Guys, I hope your person has a good excuse for not helping you update your blog. Acceptable excuses:

1) getting chicken backs
2) in Ashville getting an ACD, two clumbers, and some organic beer