10 August 2007

Biting the Big One

We've already established that national parks suck, but how much more so the granddaddy of them all, Yellowstone (and Grand Teton), in the middle of July? Yeah, that bites. We've actually avoided these parks because of the crowds and "no pets" policy, but the human felt obligated for some reason. (Also, his maternal unit really enjoyed Grand Teton, so we went on her recommendation.) They were okay. Not much snow left this record-hot summer, but the crowds were out regardless.

Clearly, common sense had deserted our human: he wanted to camp in Yellowstone our first night! A big board at the West Yellowstone entrance informed us that most of the campgrounds were already full, but we ventured on, seeking a site of our own. After scouring a few campgrounds, though, our boy regained his senses and took us out the park's north entrance to find peace and quiet in our favorite Gallatin National Forest. But, crazy enough, our targeted campground was also full! On the map, Snowbank campground, in the Absaroka-Beartooth Wilderness, looked out of the way--we thought it'd be perfect. Guess lots of other people thought the same! The beauty of the national forests, though: camp where you like (unless otherwise posted). We followed the forest road east and found the Wallace Pass parking area to be a great place to park, hang out, and have fun. We had the place to ourselves, and you know what that means: off leash!!! Since we were at a trailhead, we woke up early the next morning for a little hike. Other people were out on the trail, too, though, so we made it a short one. We didn't mind, it was getting hot already, and the boys were ready to move on. Still, the Beartooths are awesome--at this point, they feel like home. :)

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