29 August 2007

Back to the garden

Well, the human left us behind again... It wasn't Woodstock, but we woulda liked to go, too! He ventured up to the Catskills to Denniston Hill, an artist-writer-owned, 200-acre spread dedicated to the self-sustaining--in all its implications--powers of creative practice.

He made some new friends, enjoyed nature, and basked in hippie-like activities. He hung with the homeboys (was nicknamed "Tocayo," alternatively "#2"),
although was unable to help film a Tagalog action flick from the back of a pickup. All the while, the river beckoned. Sounds like the human did alright--though no one does tie-dye like the canine set. And, yes, there were dogs, too! What the... ? Couldn't have been that good without us.

BTW, Narra turns 4 on Sunday! She has been told that we expect a new level of maturity from her as she will no longer be a "young adult"!

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