29 August 2007

Say it ain't so

Was our human smokin' something funny up in those hills? 'Cause the next day, he was looking at puppies... Narra and the human went to an obedience match to practice up, and friends were there with a new passel of Belgian Malinois pups. The breeder has been tempting our boy to take one of the nasty things, but he's resisted so far. Apparently, this "light blue boy" would be a good agility prospect...


Cubby said...

Puppies are hard work!

wally said...

Oh no guys! I think you should convince your ape he needs a Douge! They give you a fresh feeling, so I hear.

Mostly you should get that one so that it doesn't wind up at MY HOUSE.

Better than a puppy, though. Those things have no boundaries.