13 August 2007

Please give Lewis a home!

So, yes, we've been home for a little while now. The responsibilities of homeownership smacked the human in the face as soon as we got back, but he's recovering. The big excitement, though, has been his parental units' decision to get a canine companion of their own (because our boy won't let Jacks go live with them!). The decision came down to an interesting choice: calm, adult dog from rescue or mold-able puppy from a breeder?

Unfortunately, the older humans decided not to adopt Lewis, a 7-10yo cattle dog mix that our human strongly recommended. While Lewis fit the bill in almost every respect, he is rather deaf, and the older units decided that might be too much for them.

So, a puppy it is. But the maternal unit has decided to wait until she's fully retired next May. We all like the Cardigan Welsh Corgi and have found a good breeder: Heritage Hill Cardigan Welsh Corgis in Northeast, MD.

No little brats for us at the moment, but there's definitely one in our future. That's okay, we have enough time to prepare mentally (we think).


wally said...

Oh--I hope someone wants Lewis! I will post him on my blog, too.


ps. BUKO! You're on my BLOG!

wally said...

PPS. Um, but I didn't say you were up for adoption, Buko. :)

Cubby said...

Lewis is a cutie!