12 August 2007

Glorie Be

Our last stop on our summer roadtrip was the Denver area. We made a new friend: Glorie, a husky-aussie mix, who let us stay at her house. She's only 10-months old and had even more energy than Narra! We didn't mind so much because she shared her tennis balls and rawhides. Even better, we had the honor of being there when Glorie got a new brother. Her humans adopted Mookie, a four-year old Saint Bernard, from the Humane Society of Boulder Valley during our visit. We hear Glorie and Mookie are enjoying siblinghood--though the house cats aren't so sure! Hee hee.:)


wally said...

Please stop showing these to my ma ape. I am going to wind up with a 200-pound sibling. On the plus side, I could probably steal part of his 10 pound meat meals.


Buko, Jackson, and Narra said...

We feel your pain, dude. We'll spare you our own horror stories of the human visiting shelters on a roadtrip. Not to mention an ACD mix pup named Rose in Boulder... Oy vey.