10 August 2007

A little consideration please

Although we enjoy the national forests far more than the national parks, they're not perfect. Case in point: Sheffield Creek campground in the Teton Division of the Bridger-Teton NF. This campground is beautiful and super convenient, just outside the south entrance of Yellowstone and on the way to Grand Teton. The little forest road to it is rocky so maybe dissuades many potential campers. But not us! When we got there, there was only one site taken (a nice, older, European couple in a funky Toyota camper like we've never seen before), and a car showed up later.

Unfortunately, also arriving later in the evening were a group of young people who decided to make the campground their party ground. About five cars altogether, and who knows how many people. And they chose the site right across from us! Now, our human is not (really) an old fuddy duddy--and he can still party with the best of them (somewhat)--but his patience was severely tested by these morons. They blasted music from someone's trunk-mounted speakers, built a big fire around which they hooted and hollered all night long. We waited to see what would happen at "quiet hours," and, unfortunately, nothing. The older couple ended up vacating, but we do believe they recorded license plate numbers and hope they reported these rednecks to someone. By midnight, we couldn't stand it anymore and moved ourselves. We ended up at the far end of horse-trailer parking, well out of earshot. Finallly, sleep.

We planned to take license plate numbers in the morning, but only one car was left--and no plate! It had a temporary sticker in the window, but maybe that wasn't even real. We wanted the human to confront the five guys who were there, but he just glared at them and opted for discretion as the better part of valor. We coulda taken 'em. Wimp.

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wally said...

You guys poop, right? That seems like a perfect opportunity to put it to good use.