13 August 2007


Our last agility trial before heading home was the Pikes Peak Obedience Club trial in Elbert, CO, just outside Colorado Springs. We entered both days but only did the one so we could get home before our van registration expired. :) We had a lot of fun--as usual--but no Qs again. Human was in a good mood, though, because of no stupid mistakes.

These pictures, btw, are actually from the Bozeman trial. (Ah, yes, we're reminiscing already...) We realized we hadn't posted any agility pics--very disrespectful of our raison d'etre! (Well, Narra's raison d'etre really, but we wouldn't get to go everywhere if not for agility!)

[Pictures by Play Action Photos]

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wally said...

My granny sent me an amazon birthday card with a picture of Bozeman on it. Narra looks as good as the scenery, though!