12 July 2007

This is the end, my beautiful friend

The much anticipated, auspicious moment came and went without us. Yet again, dogs neglected while human seeks experience on his own. We speak of the farthest point on our journey, the most northwest point in the continental US--we can go no further. From here, we turn back. East is the only way; east is home, and Buko longs for it. His main excitement with Cape Flattery is that it does, in fact, mark the turnaround.

As it turns out, we could have joined the human on the Cape Flattery Trail. No signs indicated dogs were prohibited--or required leashing even--but the human was nervous at the warnings of sheer cliffs. We don't think he necessarily saved us from falling to a watery death, but he did save us from his own incessant admonitions of "be careful, take it easy, watch where you're going..." As if. He ran into a little Westie on the trail (who was off-leash), and he had horrible visions of the over-confident dog taking a misstep. We don't know why the human thinks this way, but we just assume relax away from his paranoia.

1 comment:

wally said...

Ooooh, that's very pretty. Do you think he was worried about you guys slipping, or was he worried about you guys pushing him so you could take the van and go on a crazy trip ala Thelma and Louise?