07 July 2007

Jack Twisp?

We had a first-time experience the other night: no clue how things looked in the dark, but revelation with the light of day (no, nothing to do with this post's title, naughty minds!). Not knowing where we were going to camp for the night, the human drove and drove into Washington state well past dark. We arrived at the first campground we saw on highway 20 just outside the town of Twisp. Since it was dark, we had no idea what the place looked like, not even the surroundings on our way out there. When we woke up in the morning, we were happily surprised by the beautiful river--the Twisp River--that we heard in the night plus views of snow-capped mountains. We played for most of the morning, then leisurely headed on our way.

Incidentally, are Volvos indicators of bourgie-ness? We hate to think so, but it apparently is the case. The number of Volvo sightings went up exponentially when we hit the town of Winthrop--a decidedly bourgie locale, the eastern "gateway" to the North Cascades Scenic Byway. Even worse, we're talking Volvo wagons, not sedans. What's up with that? We do have to say that the Volvo SUV has to be the height of bourgie-ness, though. Winthrop is the first we time we've seen those in number since leaving home! Oh, my.


wally said...

The Volvo Station Wagon is the official car of the bourgie army of Seattle. Beware.

Are those booties I see on Jackson?


Buko, Jackson, and Narra said...

I guess we'll just have to be bourgie, too. We're in the right place, huh?

And, yeah, bourgie Big Head had some trouble walking on wet stones, so we thought the booties would help. He didn't seem much better, but he wasn't hurt at least. Just woosy.