02 February 2008


It was bound to happen sooner or later: we have new brother! A foster brother, to be exact. His name is Boone ("...a big man ...as tough as a mighty oak tree"), and he comes from Kentucky. As our human's emotional decisions go, this one wasn't too irrational. At least he hasn't put us in a permanent situation. On the other hand, logging the last leg of our roadtrip to pick the guy up in Kentucky was not so rational. Um, were we, like, eight hours out of our way?!

Anyway, we're not quite sure what to make of Boone yet. He's pretty nervous--understandable. And he's so, so skinny. He was removed from his previous home due to the neglect he, his female friend (also a white shepherd), and a rottie friend suffered. (The rottie didn't make it, btw.) We're okay helping the guy out--for now. But if you know anyone who might be interested, Boone will be available for adoption through Echo Dogs White Shepherd Rescue. His girlfriend will, too. Rescue Boone, and rescue us! :)


wally said...

Wow, he's almost as skinny as me! I like the shot with Jackson. He looks like he's grinning.

I vote for Boone Doggle. Hehe!


Buko (in spirit), Jackson, and Narra said...

Ha! We like boone-doggle, too, but it applies less to the new guy than to Tuchuck! :)

We like you the way you are, Wally. But we do understand the need for good health. Boone definitely needs to get healthy--and if that means we all get to eat more... :)


Katherine and Pippa, said...

Wow you have all been so busy. Or maybe I mean mistress hasn't. Hmm.

Anyway, what a handsome looking fellow. I can't decide if he looks sorta like me or sorta like Perro Blanco across at the finca over the road - who I hate intensely I should add.

Mistress wants to say that Prince was VERY skinny and timid when he first joined the pack.

She also wants to say she admires the whole fostering thing. Although she couldn't do it. (Can't do much actually, including keeping up to my blog and visiting my pals).

Oh and we think your beach pix are BRILL.

Disgruntled Pippa

wally said...

Did Boone like football? I wouldn't trust any dog who doesn't like football. It's hilarious to watch them yell at the teevee--it can't hear them!!

If you need help on the "eating more to encourage Boone" front please let me know. I'd be willing to make that sacrifice.

wally tamale.

Buko (in spirit), Jackson, and Narra said...

Hm, what's in a "wally tamale"??? :) Whatever it is, be careful, Boone will eat it! Well, not right now because he's got some tummy upset. In his favor, though, he did get excited with us over the Super Bowl--and not just for the eatin'.

And Pippa, he does sorta have a similar head to yours, very regal and aesthetic. However, we're not quite sure what kind of thinker he is yet. BTW, what kind of perro blanco is your neighbor? We're sorry you don't like him--guess they can't all be good. :)


Buko (in spirit), Jackson, and Narra said...

Pippa, we forgot to thank you for the compliment on our beach pics--thank you! :) We loved it there. That's why we'd love to see the ocean from your terrace. :)