02 February 2008

Life's a beach

We've fallen a little behind on blogging, so much has happened! We're going to try to catch up, post by post.

First, we neglected to mention in our last post that Narra rocked it at the agility trial! We're talking blue ribbon!!! She and the human have earned them before, but the human was especially pleased with this performance. He said something about great teamwork and speed, oh, yes, speed!

Our celebration was to find a warm beach! We visited our friend Caramel on our way to St. Augustine, Florida. We'd never been there before, and Dogfriendly.com gave it an honorable mention in its "Top 10 Dog-Friendly Resort Areas in the US." Imagine our surprise when we arrived at Anastasia State Park (where we camped) only to find signs saying "No Pets on the Beach"!!! After just walking around the park, we eventually left and found a public beach where we could play. You'll notice in the picture, however, that this was not an off-leash beach. Does "on leash" mean we can't walk each other?! :)

1 comment:

wally said...

I think that means you have to keep your APE on leash. Which I hope you did. A short one.