24 February 2008

Where you been?

The human abandoned us again. Just for a short time, and we got to stay home! Our friend Lise came to take care of us--and she even made it snow! Only a few inches, but it was fun to play in. Better than being in some Dull-Ass place in Texas, says the human. Hee hee.

We almost forgot: Boone's Petfinder page has gone live! He's doing great with us, and we like him a lot, but we know there's a home out there waiting for him. He'll make someone very happy. We just saw on the rescue forum a quote from a super smart foster home: the woman told her foster dog, "You're no longer mine, but I'll always be yours." We feel the same, buddy.
(Sorry for the the out-of-focus shot, but it just conveys his personality so well--er, not the blurry part. :) )


Pippa said...

GSD's can look so accusing can't they?

Obviously not Boone, he just looks so cheerful and adorable.

Mistress would be so rubbish at fostering. So would master come to think of it.


Buko (in spirit), Jackson, and Narra said...

We have yet to see how successful this foster effort will be. So far, the human seems quite determined (we also think he's a bit tired). But, just in case, Narra is ready with that look!:)

Pippa, didn't you say it rains a lot in Gibraltar? Your pictures always look sunny--or is that just how your life is?! :)


Pippa said...

I don't have any rainy pictures on my blog and I am trying to get rid of the flowers too.

No, there was a rainy picture for my gotcha day back in january (18th) although naturally I wasn't out in the rain - that was Spain. And mistress has put some cloudy and windy pictures up on her blog in Gib this week.

But yes, I like a sunny life. Pippa

wally said...

Speaking of sunny lives, if it is any consolation, dudes, I'm sure YOU had a better time at home than in that Dullass place.

When will the apes learn? Their tiny insignificant lives would at least not be entirely wasted if they spent more of it with us.


Buko (in spirit), Jackson, and Narra said...