08 February 2008

Uh oh...

The human is not in a good mood. Not only is his work starting up again (which is guaranteed to make him grumpy), but he came home from a day-long meeting to find this mess. The picture shows just one of three rooms decorated by foster bro Boone! Boone literally broke out of his crate (we didn't know that skinny bones was so strong!) and attacked the trash. We told the human: 1) he shoulda taken the trash out sooner, and 2) he shoulda fixed that cabinet door so it actually closes.

[And, Pippa, we're sorry about the no-dogs pic. We woulda been in this one if we weren't hiding in our crates. Well, except Boone: he was in a time out! :)]

On a serious note, we're sad to report that Boone tested positive for heartworms. Our vet is optimistic that he will handle the treatment well--he just needs to gain weight and get a little healthier first. Even then, the treatment sounds really painful. Poor guy. Everybody, please send good vibes Boone's way.


wally said...

A-HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA! How come no pictures of the ape with his mouth hanging open in shock!!! No audio of the cussin'?? You guys need a camera to surprise him with.

Do you think the new guy is doing this to make Tuchuck look better? I suspect a conspiracy.


Buko (in spirit), Jackson, and Narra said...

Shhh! We don't want to laugh too loud! :) Hee hee, the ape is still scrubbing down the crate (after staying up til 2am cleaning everything else--including Boone!)

Oh, we left something out: Boone's garbage smorgasbord paid an extra dividend... he had explosive diarrhea! When the human got home last night, stinky diarrhea was all over Boone, the crate, and the house!

Oh, yeah, Tuchuck's looking pretty good right now! :)


Katherine and Pippa, said...

Sometimes I get lucky and mistress forgets to move the rubbish bin onto the table in a different room and shut the door. Then I can lick the butter paper and the (veg)burger cartons yum.

Thanks for visiting Just Landies - hope it made you smile. I certainly laughed. I was directing and amused, incidentally. Not that anyone listened to me.

I hope we are going out tomorrow. And that we get a bit further.

Anyway, thinking about Boone. Paws crossed natch.


wally said...

Butter paper??? Man, I really get shortchanged around here. No butter for the stupid vegan.

Did you get any pictures of the crate cleaning? That too would be awesome! So many photo opps in your house.

Jackson--did you get a heating pad yet? I'm putting mine to good use today. Brrrrr.

Boone--take good care of your ticker. I take hawthorne for good heart health. I wonder if that would help your heart heal while you're getting treated? When the JApe had open heart surgery he wasn't supposed to laugh so he couldn't watch funny TV or he might literally die laughing so you'd better keep the shenanigans to a minimum. Let Tuchuck handle it and video tape to watch later.


Katherine and Pippa, said...

I forgot to write about Perro Blanco. Here he is on this post clicky here.

Apparently he has always been bad, and so was his dad before him. He looks to master and mistress like a cross whited GSD, but he is bigger than a normal breed standard (FWTW).

Katherine and Pippa, said...

And this post is to wish Narra a very Ethereal and Happy Valentine's Day. Also hope Boone is going ok....

Love from Thoughtfully Romantic Pippa

wally said...

Happy VD dudes! I hope you are getting to eat to your heart's content! That's what the day is about, eh? Our ape abandoned us for "work." Where's the love in that?


wally said...