02 February 2008

Time Out!

Did we mention that this roadtrip was Tuchuck's first? Well, he had a swell time--though not always doing stuff he was supposed to do. For example, with one fell swoop, he effectively eliminated any travel for us in parts of northern Florida, Georgia, Idaho, and Illinois. How, you might ask? By eating our road atlas, that's how! The little maniac also ate Narra's blue ribbon from the agility trial (jealousy!), his NEW Sense-ation harness, as well as a bunch of other things. All the human's fault, you say? You're absolutely right, we say.

Well, the human is not beyond punishing us for his own shortcomings. Sigh. Little Tuchuck was in and out of the crate so often for time outs our heads were spinning! Poor kid, he missed a little hike around Clearwater Lake in the Ocala National Forest. Weather was beautiful, as was the water. And we FINALLY got to run around off leash. Except you-know-who. Hee hee.

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wally said...

I like this whole time out thing. I'd like to put my sissy in a time out. Well, now Tuchuck doesn't get to be the baby anymore since there's a new guy in town--HA!


ps. Narra, if all that testosterone gets to be too much for you come on by. We are making vegan delicacies and knitting. OK, maybe only half of that.