25 February 2008

Limitations of the internet

No pictures with this post. If only it were possible, we would post a smell. You see, you can't visually appreciate our latest adventure. Can you guess? Boone was the first to detect it, followed by Narra, then Tuchuck. Of all the critters that visit our yard, this was our first encounter with... wait for it... a SKUNK! Our poor, unsuspecting human didn't know what was going on until it was too late. By that time, the night was filled with an odoriferous presence. Through the din, the human detected a small, black-and-white creature run by with Tuchuck in pursuit. Narra and Boone had flushed it out and, in payment, frantically rubbed their faces in the grass trying to free themselves of its souvenir spray. Jackson, in all his dignity (and obliviousness), remained above the fray.

The human somehow managed to corral us all into the garage. Jacks actually got to go in the house since he remained perfume-free. The human disappeared with him into the kitchen. In a short while, he (the human, not Jacks!) returned with a mix of hydrogen peroxide, baking soda, and liquid soap. It worked well enough--we're in the house now (whew!)--but we understand we're going to the groomer in the morning. What's a groomer?


Pippa said...

So that sounds a bit like a smelly cat. Something to chase but with a bit of sting, I mean smell, in the tail. I think I'll stick to cats. We are probably short of skunks in Andalucia and Gib anyway.


wally said...

EWWWWWW! Skunky monkeys! My ma ape's beagles got into one of those once. We try to stick to the less stinky things. My ma ape excepted, of course. (p.u.!)