18 February 2008

So happy together

Boone went on his first road trip! He joined us as Narra and her human returned to Savannah for the Savannah Dog Training Club agility trial. Unlike this year's return to Asheville, however, they did not make up for last year's poor performance. Oh well. The real excitement of the trip was Boone's getting out to see the world. He was a little anxious at first, but he's learned to trust us and follow what we do. He's a quick study and quickly realized that we try to have a good time as often as possible! :)

Poor Boone did develop a "bad stomach" (was it nerves?), but we managed. (Yeah, because we werent' the ones who had to clean up! Ha ha!) And we survived Narra's disastrous "non-runs" at the agility trial. Thankfully, the human managed to keep a lid on his temper--we hate bad language! We even survived a super scary driving mishap. Thank you, Buko, for watching over us!

Anyway, it's all good. We're happy to be home again. (BTW, in case you're wondering: no, we didn't pick up a new dog on our travels! That's our friend Caramel (above) whom we got to see again since she lives near Savannah. She and her human hung out with us all weekend. Way cool.)


Katherine and Pippa, said...

Sounds a good trip. Has Tuchuck grown? - looks very big on those piccies.

Also sounds like Boone is ok for now. Paws crossed.


wally said...

You show 'em with your poo Boone! No party poopers at my birthday, though. HA!


Buko (in spirit), Jackson, and Narra said...

Hey, guys! Thanks for stopping by!

Pippa, yes, Tuchuck looks like a real dog now, doesn't he?! We're waiting for him to act like one! Sometimes we don't realize how big he is now until we see the pictures.

And, Wally, PUHLEEZE! As entertaining as it is to see the human clean up after Boone, we don't really appreciate having to be around the poo!

Unfortunately, Boone has only gained a pound since he joined us. The human was hoping for better progress. Boone can't start his heartworm treatment until he's at a good weight. And he eats all the time! (Jealous, Wally?)


wally said...

Yeah, I guess I shouldn't boast about the poo since I have an absolute aversion to stains in the house. I'm a proper dog now.


ps. Maybe Boone has an eating disorder. I have one. Called I don't get enough to eat-itis!

wally said...

Doooods--YOu're missing my birthday! There's been snow eating, wizzler gnawing, chicken backs, monkey sticks, and all around shenanigans! We'll have to party when your ape gets back from his favorite city--Dallas! Remember how we rescued my sissy from the name Dallas!