12 June 2008


We love Montana's Crazy Mountains--the "Crazies," just like us! But this year's trip has had its "adventures." Well, the cold and rain persisted, and our time at the national forest Ibex Cabin, was pretty much a washout. We got out on the Cottonwood Creek trail the first day, but the trail was really muddy, and the rain continued. You think it was better back at the cabin? Nope.

Adventure #1: as soon as we arrived, the van got stuck about a foot deep in mud. Aaargh! We were trapped; no forest ranger, no people, no cell phone, nothing--no way out. Long story short: we finally got towed out of the forest, but it was late at night, and we were well behind schedule by then. Oh, and did we mention the unexpected 10 inches of snow?!
Adventure #2: a little "road rock" incident was apparently aggravated by the weather. What started as a little chip in the middle of the windshield grew into two huge fissures. The cracks grew so quickly that they now almost reach the opposite edges of the windshield. Our internet access tonight is due only to the fact that we're having the windshield replaced in the morning, so are spending the night in town at a hotel. (That's okay, the human could use the warmth and a good shower.)

Adventure #3: We saved the "best" for last... Tuchuck was almost swept away by the Blackfoot River!!! On our way north (to Glacier NP), we stopped at a little riverside campground to run around. As far as we know, Tuchuck had never experienced a raging river before. He tried to emulate big sis Narra but went in too deep. The current quickly swept him up and started to carry him away. The human FREAKED OUT. He jumped into the river quickly enough to grab Tuchuck by the collar and pull him back to land. Luckily, the river hadn't taken Tuchuck too far out or too deep (though it may have taken a few years of the human's life away). Whew.

We can only hope that the rest of our adventures aren't so adventuresome.


Penny, Poppy & Patches said...

Wow! We sure are glad Tuchuck is okay! That was even scarier than Patches' great adventure! Don't do that again, Tuchuck!

Poppy, Penny & Patches

wally said...

Whoa Upchuck! That's why I stay on dry land. Unless chasing screaming labs. That snow looks so good. After I ate some and roached a bit I would cool my belly a bit. Ahhhhh. Hope the rest of your trip ROCKS. Um, but not in your windshield, eh?


ps. Are you getting pastries? Because I think that's the most important bit.

Pippa said...

Hey there
Mistress has been almost as slack as your human. Sorry about that. Just been catching up on all your adventures and hearing about the goings of your house guests. (Mistress liked the Stones music to the vid).
She laughed at the stuck van (that was horrid of her), but we are so pleased that Tuchuck is ok. Wally is right. Leave the water alone. Myself I would leave the snow alone too.