08 June 2008

Dogs gone wild

We're always finding things to like about Montana! Bozeman's great; it's beautiful, the people are nice, and there's lots of outdoors stuff to do. BUT we discovered something new: a dog park!!! We were directed there by a nice woman at Barkenhowell's pet supply and bakery; she said it was fun, and she was right! While there weren't tons of dogs to run around and play with, there was tons of room to run--which is what we needed. Not to mention beautiful views. The offleash park is on Peets Hill and overlooks Bozeman. Pretty nice.

We should mention, however, that the weather has kinda sucked since we've been here: thunderstorms when we arrived, and rain on and off since then. We've also had moments of slushy rain/sleet, too, punctuated with fleeting sunshine. Crazy. It's raining as we speak, and the human decided to excuse us from the agility trial today. Hopefully, the weather will let up, and we can still get out there and do something fun.

BTW, we should also mention that we drop off the power grid tomorrow! Kinda cool, right? We check out of civilization in the morning and head up to a cabin in the Crazy Mountains (our fave!). Then we head up the north fork of the Flathead River to Glacier National Park. We're going to climb Tuchuck (the mountain, not the border collie)! Anyway, for the next few weeks we'll be without electricity, cell signal, and internet! Yikes. How will we survive?!


wally said...

Dudes! Looks like fun. I would like to climb Tuchuck the border collie if possible. Ole Oscar is climbing up the walls while he's on rest. Ethel is a temptress and makes him scream when she goes by his cage. He's up to walks with ME--he gets too crazy with the Ethel. Have a great time off the grid, I'm going to enjoy my time in the air conditioning. You're missing some major league H-O-T here!


KAY said...

Wow...what a beautiful peaceful surrounding.
I would like to take Pearly there running off leash.