08 June 2008

We got ribbons!

Okay, okay, we're not ones to brag, but we do have to let everyone know how proud the human is of our performance this weekend. :) What you need to note in our picture is the proliferation of ribbons! To be exact: Narra added two blues and one white, while Tuchuck got his very first green ribbon (actually, he earned one at his first show, but the human doubted him so didn't pick it up). If you're wondering what green means, in AKC shows, it signifies a "Q," a qualifying (or passing) score. Three Qs, and you earn a title. This Q for Tuchuck means he only needs one more for his first title: Rally Novice (RN after his name--are you ready, Ethel?!)

We really enjoy this annual trial held by the Gallatin Dog Club, and not just because we do well. :) It's a really fun time with lots of nice people. Oh, yeah, the mountains aren't so bad either.

Here's our friend Kody whom we met last year. He's already 18mos old and participating in his first trial.

And here's our tent by the ring. You can see that Narra is well behaved, but do you see that little white face in the closed crate? Hm, wonder who that is secured in there?! :)

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