22 June 2008

A Good Day

We've had a pretty good day--in spite of the human. :) We'll cut him a break, he did bring us out here afterall. Well, today was day 1 of the big dog show here in Missoula, and we arrived late, of course, an embarrassment the human constantly subjects us to. Turns out, Narra was supposed to have been first in the ring, but we missed her turn. The judge was kind enough to take her, but she had to go in right away, no warm up or anything. What does she do? Perform like a champ! No choking, no second-guessing, no anxieties of any sort, "only" a third place in a very competitive Open B obedience class! Not bad. :)

Our big news, though, is Tuchuck--he finished his Rally Novice title in three shows!!! Who woulda thunk it?! The human was exhausted and humiliated (he deserved it) but so relieved! Tuchuck will need to train a lot more before he goes back into the ring again! In the meantime... paging Dr. Ethel, Tuchuck RN is ready to assist you...

So what's the pictures you ask? Our celebration! We got to go to the dog park!!! We made more cool friends as usual and had a super time. Our human really liked Xray, an 11-year old aussie-lab (far left in the above picture) that reminded him a lot of Rousseau (more about him to come!). Much better than a stupid dog show, if you ask us.

Here's Tuchuck's new little friend Button. She's only 4-months old.
And here's Narra with Button's brother Gus.
And here's us on the University of Montana campus that adjoins the dog park. We walked around a bit just to dry off from the river. Did we mention we love it here?!


Penny, Poppy & Patches said...

Congrats to Narra and Tuchuck! Looks like you are still having a pawsome time!

Poppy, Penny & Patches

Pippa said...

Hey what clever dogs you are. But it does look more fun to be chasing around with the other dogs instead of doing silly competitions.

Pleased you enjoyed your Indian. I've got my paws crossed for some more but I'm not too hopeful. Words like "saving money" have been thrown around.


wally said...

Duuuudes! Those dog park pics look AWESOME. My ape likes those little dogs with moxie.


ps. Congrats to Tuchuck but I'm Dr. Wally, PhDog. Ethel has B.S. at best. After all, I'm the only one without the Giardia! I'm obviously privy to something, eh?