21 June 2008

Bittersweet in the Bitterroot

We'll miss you, Boone--have a great life!!! Even though we weren't there to say goodbye in person, we were there in spirit (and have been since we left on our roadtrip). Boone's adopters drove all the way from Florida to come pick him up! We think that's a great start. Actually, we heard from them already, and things are going great. Boone is already being spoiled, feeling quite at home, and even his new sister Sadie thinks he's okay. It'll be hard to get home and not have him there, but we know he's moved on to a great new home with people who love him. We love you, too, Boone!


Pippa said...

Good luck to Boone, and well done for fostering him.


Jackson, Narra, & Tuchuck said...

Thank you, Pippa. Fostering is so hard--well, the letting go is really what's hard, we suppose, but the human says it's our job.

On another note, we--well, the human--had a wonderful Indian meal the other day and toasted to you and your humans.

Have fun!