08 June 2008

Bridger Bowl

Have we mentioned that it's been raining since we got to Montana? Have we also mentioned that it's COLD?! (We wish we could share these temps with our friends back East who are sweltering... sorry, guys.) Even the locals out here aren't too pleased by spring's late arrival. We experienced an unexpected benefit of the season, however: snow!!!

After the agility trial, the human took us up to the Bridger Bowl ski area to get our yayas out. (He knows we go nuts if we don't get to run every day--and he doesn't like us nuts.) We were very excited to discover that we didn't have to go very high up before we reached snow. Lots and lots of snow! It was sleeting, though, and the human got kinda soaked. Still, we got to run, and that's all that matters, isn't it?


wally said...

Dudes--you have no idea how good the snow looks. It is 80000 degrees here.

Baby Brudder started class today--my ma ape can't wait until he gets his stitches out. She wants to see a playdate with him, Ethel, and the Upchuck. Though it might open up a black hole of energy in the universe...


ps. Narra. Your ribbons are the prettiest.

Jackson, Narra, & Tuchuck said...

Wally, wish we could share some of the cold, man. But we do dig the snow!

Hey, we hope your baby brudder fails his class so he can repeat with our new brudder! :)