02 June 2008


Wow, two posts within minutes... we're on a roll. (Actually, it seems the human can't stop procrastinating...)

We had a houseguest recently that we feared might become a permanent fixture. You may or may not know that our boy can be a little "easy" when it comes to dogs in need. As it turned out, a very handsome, 11-month old, black German Shepherd Dog named Onyx showed up at the SPCA last week. Initially, the shelter folks thought Onyx would be a problem (aggression), but that turned out to be completely unfounded. He did, however, seem to have a high grade heart murmur. Enter our hero: yes, our lovely human brought Onyx home, scheduled with the cardiologist for the next morning, and generally opened up his heart (and our house!) to the youngster. To make a long story short, the cardiologist found no heart murmur, nothing wrong with the heart whatsoever, and decreed that Onyx was healthy enough to be neutered (!) and to be adopted out.

Looked like we had a houseguest for the weekend at least--but now he's gone to someone else's house... :)


Penny, Poppy & Patches said...

We're really glad Onxy doesn't have a heart murmur! It looks like you all had a good time with him while it lasted!

Poppy, Penny & Patches

wally said...

Dudes--Your ape left something at our house. And he learned the fine art of har-ass-ing from the Upchuck. he won't leave my bum alone and he wants to play with sissy all the time.