02 June 2008

Time to fly

Okay, yes, it has been a looooong time since we've posted--we'd apologize for the human, but he's sorta constantly sorry regardless, so what would be the point? Anyway, lots going on, hard to keep track of it all. We think we'll do this in little spurts so as not confuse our boy. (Incidentally, he is procrastinating as we speak, so we figured we'd make him update the blog while he's at it.)

The first news we'd like to share is that Narra finished an AKC agility title a couple weeks back. (We're not terribly thrilled by it because we think it was long overdue... but we'll take the ribbon. :) She came in second that day, btw.) So she continues to add letters after her name. This particular title comes in a class called Novice Preferred, so the letters are NAP (Novice Agility - Preferred). Um, we'd like to know if she can really call herself a novice after doing this for almost three years? Hee hee. Okay, okay, we know the human is a terrible handicap. :)

More to come in our next procrastination break...

1 comment:

wally said...

Surely I should have a nap title by now. I'm quite good at it.


ps. Lookin' good, Narra!