08 June 2008

Where are we???

We actually have an excuse for the human's blogging slacker-ness: after all his work (finally) got done, we had to hit the road! We spent three days driving to make it to Bozeman, MT on time for an agility/obedience trial. This year is our third in a row to come out here. This time, though, we're only Narra and Tuchuck. Jacks has stayed home to rest his bones, and the human's parental units were super great to take care of both him and Boone.

Side note: Boone is getting adopted!!! He's moving to a wonderful new home in Florida, and his new family is driving all the way up to Philly to get him! How cool is that? While the human did think it was cool, we said a sad goodbye before leaving home. Boone will be leaving before we get back (otherwise he woulda come along). :( Have a great life, Boone--we'll miss you!!!

Anyway, the drive out here wasn't so bad. We had some rest stop fun... :)

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wally said...

Oooh! That reststop looks fun! I hope your ape can get some rest. I'm sure you guys will be rarin' to go! I'm more Jackson's speed. If could go stay at my granny's house I would. She'd spoil the heck outta me.

Happy trails, Boone! I'm sure he'll be happy in his new home. I mean, he won't get to live with you guys--but that means a new guy will!


ps. My ma ape still wants the pit Oscar (whom she has renamed Big Red). Sigh. Someone stop her.

pps. We're watching some footie on tv! BOOOO ITALIA! VIVA LA FRANCE!